Why Exhibit


Attract The Right Buyer Profiles – E & M team has conducted in-depth analyses on the profiles of buyers and industry experts and crafted promotional campaigns geared towards informing and educating the right audience on the latest trends offered in the field of manufacturing, technology and engineering solutions.


Retain Your Position & Gaining More Market Share – E & M West Africa gives traction to industry players as a professional platform allowing to capture new opportunities while retaining their strong and expanding their reach to gain more market share.Businesses in the manufacturing fields continue to be important contributors to Nigeria & West Africa, with the prediction of the economy to be the top 10 in the world in 2050 with a projected GDP of $6.4 trillion.


Be Part of West Africa Foremost Industrial  Trade Show -Equipment & Manufacturing 2020 offers unprecedented exposure to industry professionals, suppliers, operations executives and many more stakeholders from Nigeria and the region.


Leverage Effective Branding Strategies – Combining E & M West Africa brand equity, specialised industry coverage and marketing campaigns geared towards specific target markets, we provide the effective brand exposure to the right groups and stakeholders of the manufacturing industries.


You’ll reach influential manufacturing professionals seeking an edge. – Attendees consist of key-decision makers who control major purchasing budgets, supervisors looking to improve efficiency and young professionals making tomorrow’s decisions.

You play an essential role in the success in the industry – Whether it’s your first time exhibiting at Expo, you play a vital role in the continued progress for our industry.


For more information about exhibiting opportunities, please contact us:

Project Director – Joseph Oru

E: joseph.oru@zenithexhibitions.com | T: +234 809 115 5699

Organizing Partner – Daniel Muckenhaup

E: muckenhauptdaniel@t-online.de |T :+491603305116 +2349086312215

Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales Manager – Omodolapo V. Oshundeyi

E: omodolapo@zenithexhibitions.com | T: +234 809 1155 499