B2B Exhibition Attendance Rules

All persons who have accepted an organizer’s invitation to visit the Exhibition, as well as have registered as a visitor agrees to these Rules and undertake to abide

Registration is MANDATORY for all visitors

  • A professional visitor is any business owner, an individual entrepreneur, a public officer, a leader, a manager, a specialist, any other representative of a main foreign or domestic company, an enterprise, a public authority, an association, a union, who visit the Exhibition in order to achieve business and professional purposes defined by the subject matter of the Exhibition.
  • To confirm a professional status of a visitor the Exhibition Organizer has the right to ask him/her to present a confirming document: his/her own business card, a power of attorney or an official letter of a represented organization, any document certifying a professional status of the visitor.
  • The ground for the attending the Exhibition is a badge. The badge is issued at the check in desk at the entrance to the territory of the Exhibition.
  • The badge is valid for the entire period of the Exhibition.
  • The badge can be obtained upon presentation of the invitation card or filling out the electronic registration form at the entrance to the exhibition
    An e-ticket can be obtained by passing the check in procedure on the official website.
  • Filling out the registration form by exchanging a cash ticket or an invitation card for a badge is obligatory. The blank sheets are available on the tables next to the check in desk.
  • Transfer of visitor badges to any third party is prohibited.
  • The visitors are not allowed to trade, to distribute any advertising materials, to hold presentations, demonstrations, and agitation campaign or any other similar actions and events in the territory of the Exhibition without written consent of the Organizer.
  • It is prohibited to be in a state and a form, which do not meet the business nature of the Exhibition and the generally accepted norms of behaviour, as well as to take actions that violate public order in the territory of the Exhibition.
  • Children below 18 are allowed only being accompanied with adults and in the last day of the exhibition!
  • The organizers reserve the right to prohibit entrance to the exhibition to those visitors who would violate the rules of behaviour, express aggression, insult officers and securities, be drunk, and those who would not pass through face-control.