Exhibition Partner

Build your brand on Concrete Foundations

Exhibitions provide you with opportunities and platforms to meet key industry professionals & stake holders who provide you with important business opportunities & leads. In such a market space it becomes imperative to stand out of the crowd and gain the required attention to get the mind share of the visiting & potential target audiences. The ROI: increase in the volume of footfalls on-site and increased mind share in the pre-event promotions. EMWA strives to provide exhibitors with unique business centric platform to scale up your business by meeting the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time and at the RIGHT place!

Why Partner with us?

  • Standout from your competitors on-site & offsite
  • Position your business as a market leader
  • Highlight new innovative products during our pre-promotions
  • Take advantage of our unique methods to deliver precise marketing messages
  • Celebrate your business milestones and successes

Premier Partnership:

EMWA is a premier expo in the industrial space that attracts key national and international audiences to Nigeria. In the manufacturing market, it becomes very important for brands to position themselves distinctively in order to attract quality and higher volume of footfalls to enable a superior business output. Take advantage of our trinity of premier partnership opportunities. Gain from EMWA comprehensive package involving a mix of on-site presence including booth space, strategically positioned branding, web banners, social media promotions, speaking opportunities, brand mentions and much more. Become the most visible brand during the pre-promotions and on the exhibition floor.

Conference Partner:

EMWA Conferences attract key members and professionals of the National and International fraternity to discuss the latest developments in policies, technologies and practices in the industrial space. The key audiences include decision makers, buyers and end users of products and technologies used in the field of manufacturing. The conference will also attract key personnel and VIPs from the national and state infrastructure development and implementation program. The Conference Partnership allows brands to draw the attention of these important target audiences through our unique mix of offerings created for this knowledge forum.

3. Registration Area Partner:

Position yourself at the first point of contact for all exhibitors and visitors. Be a sponsor for this key event location. Your company poster will appear at the registration panel.

4. Industry Partner:

Be recognized as an Industry leader in your respective product space. These are attractive opportunities that direct the visitor attention to the stand. Take advantage of our unique mix of offerings to stand out of the crowd.

5. On-site Branding Opportunities:

a. Pathway Hoardings: Get visibility from all possible sides. These hoardings are placed on the pathway towards the hall. These are real eye catchers and will direct visitor attention to your stand.

b. Pole Buntings: Your company logo will appear on the pole bunting placed on the pathway leading to Hall 4. These pathways connect the path from the parking area to the hall. The branding will be visible to all visitors throughout the 3 days.

c. Walkway stickers: Branding on the show floor (carpet) with the company logo, stand number, and directions. Most economic & innovative mode of attracting / inviting visitors to your stand.

6. B2B Meeting Scheduler Partner:

Position yourself as a brand leader on our online B2B meeting scheduler. The online platform will be a focal point for all the visitors and exhibitors who will be participating in the exhibition. All participants will be able to view your logo through online banners on the web pages. The web banners will be hyperlinked to your websites landing page.

7. Branding: Collateral & Accessories:

EMWA strives to connect partner brands with potential customers through key collateral and accessory initiatives. These initiatives create a unique positioning and recall in the mind of our visitors who can be your customers, influencers and end users. The collateral and accessory shelf life beyond the event creates a unique mind space for our visitors during and posts the exhibition. Options include:

a. Badges & Lanyards Partner:

Badges and Lanyards are critical collateral. It is one of the most important assets as all attendees of the exhibition and conference need to wear them while they are on the exhibition floor. In addition these badges are valid for all days of the exhibition ensuring that the attendees keep them secure. The badges are worn by visitors, VIP’s & Delegates on the exhibition floor.

b. Exhibition Show Directory  : The Show Directory collateral is an important hard-copy manuscript that is handed over to every participant that visits the expo. The manuscript enables participants to download the e-copy of the show directory for their consumption. An advertisement on this manuscript has a premium position due to its longer shelf life. Participants utilize the manuscript for the e-copies even a month after the show has concluded.

c. Packaged Drinking Water Bottles: Drinking water bottles will be distributed among all visitors, VIPs, exhibitors & attendees over 3 days. They shall be kept at strategic locations such as the visitor registration area and the VIP lounge. Your company logo will be printed on the water bottle label.

d. Co- Branded Show Pens: Show pens are a highly visible item used across the show at key distribution areas, such as – registration areas, seminar areas, VIP lounge, and sales stands. These pens offer a high retention value as they continue to be reused by delegates after the show.

e. Co- Branded Show Bags: Position your company a leader in the industry! Show bags are distributed among the event’s exhibitors and visitors, adding greater presence to your brand. One side to carry partners brand communications.

f. Show Bags Inserts: Draw traffic to your booth by giving your company’s message out to all registered attendees with an insert in the Official Show Bag. Production and shipping costs are not included.

For exhibiting at EWMA, Contact:

Sales Manager (West Africa)
Omodoalapo Oshundeyi

T: +234 809 115 5499

For Partnership & Sponsorship at EWMA, Contact:

Sponsorship Manager
Vaso Obaseki

T: +234 805 938 4261