Entry to the halls is allowed from 0800-2200hrs on Sunday 25th April and from 0800-2200hrs on Monday 26th April for set up of space only stands, modular and shell scheme exhibitors

Any shipments  arriving before Sunday 25th April will be diverted to the official freight handler’s advance warehouse. Off-loading of goods and loading of empties is only permitted on 25th April. Off-loading and loading is not permitted on the opening morning of the show and during the show open hours.

Breakdown – All exhibition material must be removed from the halls by 8pm on Thursday 29th April. The organisers reserve the right to remove any materials from the halls after this time and forward any charges to the exhibitor concerned. The exhibitor may also incur penalty charges from the venue.

To ensure the efficient entry of exhibits, only the following contractor will be permitted to operate mechanical lifting equipment at the venue.

If you require assistance for the unloading, lifting and positioning of your exhibits you must make arrangements with the organiser.


The organisers are unable to provide storage for packing cases, etc. These must be removed from the areas around your stand before the halls are opened for the exhibition. You should therefore make prior arrangements for the safe keeping of such items with the appointed handling contractor or with your shipping and forwarding agent.

Whilst every effort is made to return your empty packaging as quickly as possible, it can be some hours before everything is delivered back. We therefore, recommend that you do not book return flights for immediately after the close of the exhibition.

Please note, that exhibitors are forbidden to store exhibits or packing materials behind their stands due to the fire risk.